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Weston Skaggs is many things. A South Carolina boy raised in Ohio. Husband to Amy and daddy to Paisley and Bo. Singer/songwriter. Beard enthusiast. Registered nurse. Star Wars nerd. A no longer suffering Cleveland sports fan. And most importantly: Christian. This causes his music to be painted with the brushes of redemption, love, and hope. "I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that changed me from my blindness and self-centeredness to a life of purpose. I'm passionate to create a fresh and unique musical sound that offers encouragement to the church and hope to lost and hurting people.", Skaggs says.

Dust & Clay

 Weston released his debut EP, Dust & Clay, in September 2014 funded 100% by his friends and fans through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. "I've been blessed to to make music in Nashville, TN and work with some great songwriters and studio musicians there to create fresh sounds that bring something truly different to the table instead of the mainstream formula..."

Sprig Music partnership / Joy & Sorrow Meet

The dramatic birth of his daughter, near loss of his wife in that childbirth, and the adoption of his son all were life altering experiences that fed into the songs on his first full length album: Joy & Sorrow Meet.

Produced by Chris Hoisington of Brothers McClurg in Old Bear Studio (Batavia, NY), Joy & Sorrow Meet (2016) marries Weston’s vocation as a church worship leader and his penchant for personal storytelling. Raw lyrics set to music that doesn’t mind showing off it’s “humanness” draws the listener into a journey of the heart. Stylistically, the album combines classic gospel and folk, strung together with alt-country instrumentation, then set in an indie-sonic landscape.


In 2017 Weston was drawn back into the Old Bear Studio by a desire to release a timeless, yet original, Christmas album. Part classic crooner, part vintage gospel, and part modern indie, this project turned into an eclectic but comfortable collection that hopefully becomes a go-to for your family every year.


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