Weston Skaggs Music


"… a record that breaks free of over-produced, homogenized worship and, instead, delivers an original but strikingly familiar listening experience… 'Joy and Sorrow Meet' is an aural treat and a welcome tonic from the mainstay commercial releases.”

- Joe Brookehouse, Frequency.FM

“Genuine lyrics with stripped-down instrumentation… the perfect listen for anyone who enjoys a raw sound….”

- Caitlin Lassiter, New Release Today

“There’s a uniqueness to Weston Skaggs’ new album that may be just right for your church... Such a fun vibe with this one... I promise everyone in your church will be clapping along.”

-Ryan Loche, The Church Collective

"...A style that combines smooth pop accessibility with country-folk earnestness."

- Bobby Gilles, Worship Leader Magazine

“Skaggs has deliberately blur[red] the neat divides surrounding genres... the poignancy of the words and the refreshing organic approaches to the songs beg to be listened to with care and seriousness.”

- Timothy Yap, Hallels

‘’“Joy & Sorrow Meet” plays like a concept album... equal parts nostalgia and originality… It’s an incredible record in scope, a sprawling landscape of nostalgia that merges generations of music into one glorious set. Let your heart feast on this. It’ll warm anything frozen over and stave hunger for lost faith.”

Jason Ramsey, Altarwork

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